Are there any minimum requirements to enter?

For the 100 miler,  the minimum requirement is off-road 50 mile finish (you can evidence with a link to the original results) within 15 hours.

There are no specific entry requirements for the 50 or 33 miler, but we recommend you have some previous experience of off-road running.

Is there a medal or buckle for finishers?

Rather than a medal or buckle, finishers will receive a memento which has been designed and made locally in the Peak District, and is unique to this event.  These are only guaranteed for participants who entered before the end of July 2019.

How does the team category work?

As an alternative to entering as an individual/solo runner, team entries are available for pairs or groups of 3 wishing to run together and support one another.

If entering as a team members must run together throughout the event, i.e. be visible to one another and within ear-shot.  In the event of a team member retiring, other members may continue, complete the course and be credited with a finish. However, if continuing as an individual, they will not be eligible for prizes.

Can it be run as a relay?

Yes, relay entries are available in the 50 and 33 mile events only, with 6 or 4 stages respectively.

A minumum of 2 runners and a maximum of 6 (for the 50-mile event) or 4 (for the 33-mile event) can make up a team. Changeovers are at each checkpoints and each runner must complete at least 1 full stage.

Only 1 relay team member is allowed on the course at anyone time (i.e. multiple runners cannot run a stage together) and teams are responsible for their own transport/logistics between changeover points.

How easy is it to navigate?

We will provide a participation guide and a detailed, easy to use, route description to make this as easy as possible. However, you will need to bring your own map and will be responsible for your own navigation. GPS can be used as a backup – gpx files will be made available.

Are there cut-off times?

Yes.  36hrs for the 100, 22hrs for the 50, No cut off for the 33 (within reason!)

Are places limited?

Yes, there are only 120 on each event distance. There is no waitlist.

How many aid stations are there? What will they be stocked with?

There are 10 aid stations on the 100 mile route, 5 on the 50 mile route and 3 on the 33 mile route.

Each aid station will have drinks and a variety of food.  Full details of the items available will be provided in the event guide that will provided to participants a month before the race.

Will I have to carry all my kit? Are there drop bags?

You will have to carry mandatory kit (which will be checked).

100 mile runners will also get access to a drop bag  mile 50 (which is the event HQ)

Will there be medical support?

Yes, there will be paramedic support

Can I have a pacer/support runner with me ?

Guide-runners are permitted. In 2019 Support/pacers are permitted for the 100 mile event, after 24 hours has elapsed.

From 2020 pacing will not be permitted to ensure a level-playing field for all.

Can my family and friends support me on the course?

Yes certainly. However, there are restrictions on vehicle access and parking in some areas. Details will be provided in the participation guide.

What happens if I retire?

If you retire injured at a checkpoint, you will be transported back to HQ when the checkpoint closes

What is on the kit list?


  • Whistle
  • Foil blanket (foil bag preferable)
  • Compass
  • OS Maps or Harvey Maps to cover the entire route
  • Dressed in appropriate clothing for the challenge and weather conditions
  • Appropriate footwear (trail shoes recommended)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Additional warm layer
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Hat and gloves
  • Emergency food (at least 400 calories)
  • Head torch, plus spare batteries (At least set in backpack. Additional sets in drop bags)
  • Drinks bottles and/or platypus to carry 1 litres.
  • Fully charged mobile phone


  • GPS device for backup navigation
  • Spare clothing/shoes
  • Thermarest or roll mat
  • Mobile charger
  • Spare socks

Can I use trekking poles ?


Can I switch to a different distance prior to the race starting ?

Yes, subject to places being available in your preferred distance, payment of the difference if moving to a longer distance, and you meeting qualification criteria (for the 100 miler).  We’re not able to refund the difference if moving to a shorter distance and, after 30th June 2019, won’t be able to guarantee a race memento / t-shirt aligned to you new distance.

Can I switch to a different distance after the race has started ?

From 12:00 on Saturday onwards, 50 mile runners will be permitted to switch to the 33 mile distance at the discretion of, and explicit permission from, senior event staff upon reaching Check Point 6 (Baslow).

No other changes of distance will be permitted.

Does the race give our ITRA points?