Are there any minimum requirements to enter?

No, nothing specific. For the 100 miler, we would recommend that you have a previous 50 mile finish.

How easy is it to navigate?

The route follows footpaths. You will be expected to navigate from your own maps.  You can use GPS as a backup.

Are there cut-off times?

Yes.  36hrs for the 100, 22hrs for the 50, No cut off for the 33 (within reason!)

Are places limited?

Yes. 100 on each event distance. We will operate a waitlist as soon as the event reaches capacity.

Will I have to carry all my kit? Are there drop bags?

No, but you will have to carry mandatory kit (which will be checked).  You will also get access to a drop bag  mile 50 (which is the event HQ)

Will there be medical support?

Yes, there will be paramedic support

Can my family and friends support me on the course?

Yes certainly.  There is limited parking at some checkpoints but there are no restrictions on where your family can meet you.

Will I be tracked?

Yes via GPS Event Tracking specialists

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What happens if I retire?

If you retire injured at a checkpoint, you will be transported back to HQ when the checkpoint closes

What is on the kit list?


  • Whistle
  • Foil blanket (foil bag preferable)
  • Compass
  • OS Maps or Harvey Maps
  • Dressed in appropriate clothing for the challenge and weather conditions
  • Appropriate footwear (trail shoes recommended)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Additional warm layer
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Head torch, plus spare batteries (At least set in backpack. Additional sets in drop bags)
  • Drinks bottles and/or platypus to carry 1 litres.
  • Fully charged mobile phone


  • GPS device for backup navigation
  • Spare clothing/shoes
  • Thermarest or roll mat
  • Mobile charger
  • spare socks
  • Hat and gloves

Does the race give me points towards events such as UTMB?